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BASE Limousine Service Inquiries

BASE Limousine Service Inquiries

Please direct all e-mail inquiries, including price quotes to reservations@baselimo.com.
Please include the date(s), time(s), number of passenger(s), addresses, and a phone number.

    • Phone: (800) 472-1115 (Toll-free)
    • Phone (312) 423-7891 (City of Chicago)
    • Phone: (847) 329-7899 (Outside of Chicago)

Often, we receive phone calls for price quotes that result in the following response: “That’s higher than the other companies we’ve called!” – That’s correct. Our prices are slightly higher than the “mass” limousine companies that run large fleets, and offer discount rates. We are not a discount limousine service. We are a quality oriented limousine service. Our vehicles are newer, our drivers are professional full-time chauffeurs, our insurance coverage is above the minimum requirements, and our pricing reflects in the quality of service you receive when you engage with us.