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Below you will find various BASE LIMOUSINE Policies and related information:


Any cancellations must be made 120 minutes (2 hours) prior to the scheduled pickup time.  Any reservation cancelled within 120 minutes (2 hours) of the scheduled time is subject to full charge.

Fail to Show

Any reservation or scheduled airport arrival will have one hour to contact our offices before the reservation is determined to be a Fail to Show, in which case, full charges will be applied.  (BASE Limousine will monitor airport arrivals to ensure your car will be on location, for one hour from the arrival time, as published by the airline.)


BASE Limousine does NOT keep cars sitting idle in the airport staging lot.  A predetermined vehicle and chauffeur have been arranged for each reservation, and therefore, reservations are always required.  Although we will do our best to accommodate ASAP reservations, we cannot guarantee immediate availability.  We can usually provide service within a two-hour advance notice, however, advance reservations allow us to provide a higher quality of service.


Upon arrival into an airport, please call BASE Limousine at (800) 472-1115 after retrieving all your luggage.  At this time, our representative will determine which exit door the vehicle will be sent to.  Unless it is a holiday or “rush-hour” at the airport, the vehicle will pull up to the exit door you are closest to within 5-7 minutes from the time you call.

*** Vehicles are prohibited from waiting curbside at all Chicago airports.  If a vehicle is dispatched from the staging area, and you are not at that location, we will try to contact you.  If you are not reachable, the vehicle will return to the staging area until you call again.


For all point-to-point trips, airport transfers, or charters, please call us for a quote.  Any ASAP reservation is subject to a two-hour minimum charge.